Moody Girl Candle Co is a West Palm Beach, FL based company, owned and operated by wife-and-husband team Heather and JJ Larson. The line is hand-poured in small batches using natural, clean-burning coconut wax, phthalate-free fragrances, and essential oils. Each candle is distinctly made with love behind every pour, all while keeping health, wellness and your overall Moody Girl experience in mind.

 Moody Girl Candle Company all began with a dream of Heather’s, and was soon helped brought to life by JJ. Heather began creating candles 14 years ago as a hobby, and instantly fell in love with the craft. JJ himself had been a designer for over 24 years. Once these two put their ideas together, it was instant candle-making magic. 

The use of all-natural coconut wax in every Moody Girl candle has an enormous amount of health benefits to you as a consumer, compared to other generic wax candles. Along with bringing out a stronger overall fragrance, coconut wax burns slow, clean and prevents harmful toxins from being inhaled. While these candles are favorably health conscious for you, they are also extremely eco-friendly to harvest for the environment. You can feel even better about your Moody Girl purchase knowing it is vegan, organic and made from a sustainable source.
Ingredients used are simple, all-natural and provide you with an unforgettable aromatic experience every time you light the wick. Once your one-of-a-kind Moody Girl candle is sparked to life, you will not want the fragrant adventure to end. The essential oils and natural fragrances added to this coconut wax provide a multitude of therapeutic benefits as well. These include relaxation development, mental stability, decreased headaches and sleep improvement, to name a few.
Never mass produced, each Moody Girl candle is guaranteed to be uniquely individual, all while supporting the small business couple who have made this dream company into a reality.

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